p sure this dog is based off of my twitter alter ego


p sure this dog is based off of my twitter alter ego

Too Much Hate; Too Much Love

At first I felt like I couldn’t talk at all on the internet about what happened, because I was advised that anything can be used against you in court. But after spending like 4 hours in meetings yesterday (thanks Adele for coming with me), I feel like I have a bit more clarity about what I should and shouldn’t say. With that said this is what I want to say. 

I am a survivor of many crimes that happened one week from today on 16th y Mission. The police initially thought it was just a robbery (they did steal my phone) . But two men also beat me after making hateful comments based on my gender identity. I just knew it was over, I thought the crowd was going to kill me…and then I was sexually assaulted by a third man. 

I’m trying not to think about it, so don’t feel like you have to respond. I just know friends were wanting more information and this is what I feel like saying. Even if I wrote 10 pages on here I wouldn’t be able to convey the immensity of how broken that night, and even today. 

I am also shocked from peoples support and I just really wanted to say thank you sooo mutch for supporting me in ways I have never been before.

From this big broken heart,

Mia Tu Mutch

Let’s Support Mia Today

Hello Mia Tu Mutch fans, friends and fam,

After hearing about Mia’s recent survival of shockingly brutal violence against her, many of us have been reaching out to her and offering help. This is so awesome. Mia is among the fiercest people we know and, true to character, she is fiercely voicing some of her needs/wants here on this tumblr. There are many ways to help, and here are some of them.

Mia wants us to know that it helps just by understanding where she is at.

-Like if we can understand that it’s not easy for her to hear “how are you?,” because she isn’t going to be “okay.” A better question for her now is: “Is there anything you want to talk about or is there anything I can do for you?”

-It helps if we understand that she CANNOT talk about what happened that night, and does not want to talk about her feelings. There are many calls/messages that she is receiving at the moment. All the support and calls mean a lot to her, but she’s overwhelmed. Please bear with her.

In the meantime, there are certainly some concrete things we can help with:

-Mia needs to be surrounded by people at this point. This includes needing people to hang out with her during the day and at night. She would love for you to to offer to throw a “sleepover” on your couch! Contact her with details of what you can offer/your availabilities/where you live via her email ( or text.

-Mia doesn’t have internet at her apartment, so Starbucks cards help her to stay connected via free WiFi. (Heather S is sending one on 4/23)

-Mia needs to replace “a half wig, hair color 2 (which is like a dark brown) and textured WAVY not curly or god forbid straight.”

-To include in care packages, she likes whitening gum, lip gloss, Good Vibes cinnamon lip lube, cold cream, journals/notebooks, pens, gay things, vegan snacks, queer books/mags, and other femme necessities. (Heather S from the east coast is sending on 4/23 “some soy milk, vegan pancake mix, vegan soup, a journal and a starbucks card”)

-Mia’s been staying with friends, but she will need groceries for when she goes home. Some things she wants are soymilk, starbucks brand “Via” iced coffee, vegan pancake mix, non-perishable vegan food (no frozen food because no freezer), yummy vegan things she can make quickly. She does not want sweets, spicy things etc.

-She needs some hormone shots (ask her where to get them).

-She wants clothes that are less fitted, baggier, and warm. She needs a size tall/long jacket. Camis/tank tops would be awesome. Also: loungewear if it is LONG for her long body. Other than being LONG, Mia is size medium.

-She would like some cute gay boi underwear.

-She needs spiritual support and spiritual things to put on a altar, and anything Buddhist like meditations for protection that would really make her feel safer.

-Also used/old queer or fashion magazines (NOT new, she just wants to cut them)

-You can also write down your favorite Mia Tu Mutch quotes on paper and send that as a letter so it costs less than $1 and makes her feel a whole lot better.

Please refer to any Tumblr posts below to see what others have already contributed to make sure that she won’t get more wigs than a girl really needs, etc. Also, once you send something to Mia, please post what you sent here on Tumblr if you have an account or email me (Heather) at, and I will post it here. Any care packages should be sent to:

Youth Program c/o Mia Tu Mutch

1800 Market St.
San Francisco, CA 94102

And finally:

-Money! To purchase any and all of what is listed above, to cover any hospital/ambulance/counseling bills as they come (though we hope many of these will have been minimized through negotiation), and to help with Mia’s laser hair removal, which is a not a cosmetic issue, but a safety issue.

Please click this link to read more and contribute:

Mia has also asked that we pool resources to host/plan a trans/queer party/(fun)draiser for her and friends. She wants to celebrate that she survived and so did you, but mostly  she wants to shake her ass. Please use her facebook page to coordinate with others.

Thanks so mutch for reading,